Loopylou and the Multitude of HP Scarves!

Crossed HP scarves You might notice, if you look in my photo album (especially if you’re in the Finished Objects/2004 folder) that there seem to be a few Harry Potter style scarves knocking around. Well, yes. There are. There’s one in my WIP pile right now, too. See, it’s not exactly a hard pattern to figure out, even for a new knitter (it’s just maths and a bit of applied logic, after all). So I did just that, in a couple of variations, and for both styles that have been in the films. And then, just for fun, I worked out a wristband and a bag and socks, and… you get the picture. Or, you don’t get the pictures of those because I don’t think I have them uploaded here yet. Erm.
Anyway, once I’d produced a scarf for myself, other people started going “Hey, if I gave you the money, could you…?” So I did. I also made some as presents, and a couple for a local costume shop where I was friendly with the owners. I’m not quite sure now how many I have made, and for whom. It’s mainly been Gryffindor and Slytherin colours, though. I’m probably going to write up my version of this pattern and put it online, even though I know there are others out there already. But hey, one more won’t hurt, and I’ll most likely be putting the other bits and bobs (wristwarmers etc) out as well if I do go for it.
Anyway! Have some more pictures of my *fabulous* creations, darlings:

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Just going through my photo album

Trying to decide which utterly stunning knitted object I’ll ramble at you about next ;-) Any preferences, anybody? Anything you can’t figure out what the hell I was thinking when I went and made it?
Meanwhile, have a podcast rec: Stash and Burn is put out by Jenny and Nicole, and frankly, it’s great. Funny, quirky, engaging, and fuuuuull of pepperyfibrey goodness, it’s very small and neat… no, wait, that’s a Finger of Fudge. But my point remains! Plus, it’s all about busting your stash (or trying to), which is something that I really need to get onboard with. So, if you’re not already doing so, you should go and sign up, and download those back-episodes too! Listen, laugh, and embrace your knitting fantasy life.

Purple Opal Magic Socks

Opal Magic Socks

Ahh, my first socks! Aren’t they fab? I don’t remember exactly why I decided to knit a pair of socks – whether it was just the next thing I wanted to try, or if I saw the yarn and fancied having a crack at it. I do know that my friend Char was with me, and she’s a sock knitter. So she definitely had some hand in the proceedings! *g*
Anyway, we were in the Battle Wool Shop (an L-ishYS) and with help from Char and the lovely ladies who work there, I picked out this yarn and a set of 2.5mm DPNs, and was given Sue Morgan’s Simple Sock Pattern pattern free with the purchase. I went for this because, well, there wasn’t a lot of sock yarn available – what there was was either completely plain, or the Opal or Regia self-striping. Or at least, I think so – there might have been some more expensive yarn there at the time, but I wasn’t looking for that – I wanted to go for something that would stand up to my novice sock-knitter efforts! Anyhow, I know they do have Lana Grossa and Trekking in the shop now as well as Opal and Regia, and I’m not 100% sure what else. If they have handpainted lines, it might live with the other expensive yarn on the other side of the shop, and I haven’t looked over there recently – too much temptation!
Opal Magic sock cuff But I digress. So there I was with my new sock making supplies…. but I can’t remember now if I cast on straight away or not. The picture on your right was taken in November 04, at any rate.
I knitted that first sock in fits and starts. The leg took quite a long time, though I was enjoying watching the pattern manifest itself. Then I blitzed the heel and foot gusset overnight in late December (pic below). The foot, again, took quite a while, and once I’d completed that toe, I have a feeling that the whole project hibernated for some time before I cast on for its pair.
Again, the second one was done in bits and pieces, but then in winter 05/06 I picked it up again and worked steadily until I was done! Whee!
More pictures are under the link!

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A veritable meme

Oh dear, I’m sorry. I would say that you can see my posting quality plummet before your very eyes here, but it hasn’t been all that til now anyway. ;-)
However. Found via Lisa:

You Are a Life Blogger!
Your blog is the story of your life – a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

On the phone to Ally now. Hi Ally!!


Having made the single-pair-of-hands realisation, I’ve just had a bright idea. I shall still keep working on Fetching in bits as I feel like it, but for the main part I’m going to focus on my previous FOs, and talk about those. Pretty much everything is from before I was using this for a knitting blog, so it’d be kind of cool to give them posts of their own.
Up first, My First Socks! (Probably. Unless I go for my first actual knitted things.)

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You know what?

I think I kind of underestimated how difficult it was going to be to knit and blog at the same time. Note to self for the future: I only have one pair of hands.
What was I thinking? *headdesk*
You know what else? I sent an email to the PoshKnitters list yesterday about my ‘thoning… and it hasn’t turned up in the group that I can see. Huh. I think I might try again. Hopefully everyone won’t end up getting the same thing twice. Because I am shameless in my quest for sponsors! Even when there is only… er… Wow, just over 6 hours to go. I think I had better send the mail again. You never know, after all, and the list mod said it was fine with her.
(And in case it works this time and anyone comes by – hi PoshKnitters! :-) )

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