Blogathoning Are Go!

I’ve signed up for this year’s Blogathon, which is taking place on 28th July starting at 6am PST (which I’m pretty sure is 2pm GMT – hoorah, no early start for me!). In case you don’t know what the Blogathon is, it’s essentially a sponsored 24-hour ‘blogging marathon’. I’m going to make a post at least every half hour for the duration of the ‘thon.

This means I need something to keep me awake and interested, so as I think I mentioned before, I shall be knitting. Won’t that make a change? Specifically, I’ll be knitting away as much of my stash as I can into different stitch patterned squares for a patchwork blanket / afghan. I might also knit mittens or a hat for a bit of a change at some point.

The charity I’ll be blogging for is MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship) The Bipolar Organisation. As someone with the condition, I’m a member, so I can certify first-hand that they do a lot of good work.

So what I need now are sponsors. Basically, if you’re interested in pledging an amount to sponsor me for the event, click on the link in the last sentence and fill out your details. After the event (providing I completed it!) you’ll get a reminder email, and it’s then up to you to follow the instructions to donate the pledged amount directly to the charity. If you’d really rather, you could inform me how much you want to pledge and Paypal me the money for me to donate on your behalf, but my first preference is to do it the way the Blogathon site suggests.

What do you get for sponsoring me, other than a warm happy glow inside? Well…

  • I will of course give huge props to every sponsor (unless you don’t want me to name you at all… I can give you an alias so you’ll know I mean you).
  • If you have a site / blog, I’ll link you in my sidebar and links page here.
  • If anyone sponsors me more than £20, I’ll knit you an accessory of your choice (hat / scarf / arm-warmers / gloves / mittens / something of a similar size), although if you’re outside Europe I might need to send it surface-mail depending on weight.
  • … And I’ll entertain you with my babblings and in progress pics of the knitting, etc etc.

As well as this, I’ll be participating in the fandom_helps LJ group blog, to give me a bit more variety. And to give my hands a rest, because I think knitting solidly for 24 hours is going to give me cramp. And that’s it!

I’ll put up a “Sponsor Me” button at the top of this page when I’ve made one, and I’ll put a running total of sponsors under the Currently section in the sidebar. So, um, pledge something? Doesn’t matter how small an amount. A pound, a dollar, as much as you can afford and feel is worth it. It’s for chariteeeeeeeeeeee!

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