Project 365 #4, Days 17-24: 26th Jan – 2nd Feb

I’m still catching up, so I’ve put a few more days in at once this time. So here are days 17 to 24 of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder in the photo album.

On to the pics (click them for the full sized versions):

Day 17 – 26th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 26/01/08
A Saturday afternoon on Battle High Street. I took this when I was on my way down to the bus stop after Knit and Natter. I rather like the sense of captured movement from the chap in mid-step on the crossing to the cyclist disappearing into the distance on the left. But mostly I like the framing, from the stop sign centred in the Abbey gates and outwards from there.

Day 18 – 27th Jan 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 27/01/08
The really rather pretty sunset, as taken from my bedroom window.

Project 365 photo no.2 from 27/01/08
The leg and heel turn of the second Hedara sock (note the progress from having started the leg just a few days before!). I was on a roll!

Day 19 – 28th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 28/01/08
The vet’s surgery. I was mostly doing indoor stuff on this day, so my little trip out to the (very nice) vet to pick up the cat’s repeat prescription was about as exciting as it got! I’ve actually managed to make the road look quite flat in this picture. Don’t be fooled: it’s on a hill. Most of this town is hilly.

Day 20 – 29th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 29/01/08
And today’s trip out was to…. C. House, also known as The Together Centre. This is the drop in type centre just down the road from me that provides all sorts of support and services, from internet access to meals to advice to plain old social contact, for those of us with mental health issues. It’s a lovely friendly place. They’ve been a big help to me and I can’t praise them enough.

Day 21 – 30th Jan 08
Project 365 photo from 30/01/08
The second Hedara sock has got to the end of the patterned part of the foot and is ready to start the toe decreases. Woohoo!

Day 22 – 31st Jan 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 31/01/08
The last day of January was a fantastic windy, rainy one. So of course, I went down to the seafront to take a few snaps. I couldn’t choose a shot, so what you’ve got as a result is a kind of 360° view. First of all, to my left and out to sea, with the lower prom at the bottom, and a wave splashing up the breaker. That dot is a seagull. Honest!

Project 365 photo no.2 from 31/01/08
Now to my right and out to sea, and along the prom. In the distant right is the Marina building. I like the way the lines of the railings travel. I intended to get the top of the post in shot like that, but the rest was pure chance!

Project 365 photo no.3 from 31/01/08
This one is to my right and behind me as I was standing before; back along the prom and road. There’s a giant puddle right where that white car is.

Project 365 photo no.4 from 31/01/08
And finally back to my left again, with the pier in the far distance.

Day 23 – 1st Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 01/02/08
So what do you know? The very next day, we had beautiful blue skies and sun. This is taken from one of my living room windows. If you look closely, you’ll see there seem to be lots of smudges on the picture. That’s because I took the photo through the glass, and living near the sea, you get salty rainwater marks all over the windows…

Day 24 – 2nd Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 02/02/08
It’s a router convention! This was taken during the time that my broadband service was down, and I tried every broadband-capable modem and router that I could dig out, beg, borrow or steal (ok, not the last one) to try and figure out if it was a problem with my hardware or set-up. It wasn’t, but I got the cables at the back of my computer ever so organised!

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