Project 365 #5, Days 25-34: 3rd – 12th Feb

More catching up! Here are days 25 to 34 of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder in the photo album.

On to the pics (click them for the full sized versions):

Day 25 – 3rd Feb 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 03/02/08
My brother and his lovely girlfriend got engaged in the autumn last year, but since my bro is currently a poor student and they wanted to find the perfect one, they took a bit of time over getting the ring. But here it is at last! Pink sapphire – preeeeetty!

Project 365 photo no.2 from 03/02/08
As I stalk the embarrassed happy couple, trying to get a good shot. Mwahaha.

Day 26 – 4th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 04/02/08
I was having a hurty-head day.

Day 27 – 5th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 05/02/08
Sausages! The ones that were left to go in the fridge after I’d had the other two for my dinner. Mmmm nom nom nom. Actually, these are fake sausages – quorn and apple bangers. I really like them.

Day 28 – 6th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 06/02/08
This was a shopping delivery day, so the fridge was stuffed full of foooood. Can you tell that I like stir fries?

Day 29 – 7th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 07/02/08
The inside of my large bag, ready to be taken out. There’s the stuff for the volunteer training course I was going to, a notebook, my purse, my umbrella (the orange thing with the sheep on *g*) and a hairband. Also in there but out of sight would be my inhaler and a pen or two… probably some other bits and bobs as well.

Day 30 – 8th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 08/02/08
The knitting is finally finished on the Chevron Scarf of DOOOOOM ;-) And so here it is laid out on the floor, ready to have the ends sewn in and the blocking done.

Day 31 – 9th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 09/02/08
Meanwhile, I was in the process of sewing up the shoulders of the Bigga jacket so I could then start picking up for the collar (and get it off the table which I needed for the scarf blocking!).

Day 32 – 10th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 10/02/08
Since it was so long and I’m short on space, I blocked the scarf in three sections. Worked out pretty well :-)

Day 33 – 11th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 11/02/08
Aaaand having finished the scarf and being on the sewing up part of the jacket, I needed something else to be my knitting current wip. The Damson Gloves were it: this is the first glove, knit up to me being about to start on the little finger.

Day 34 – 12th Feb 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 12/02/08
Ta-daaaaa! One completely finished Chevron Scarf. It might have ended up feeling like it was never going to end when it was on the needles, but I do really love how it’s turned out. Yay! Let’s just hope my sister-in-law-to-be (there has to be a shorter way of saying that) likes it.

Project 365 photo no.2 from 12/02/08
Finally, just for fun, here’s my effort at a rolled-up scarf photo. Erm. I think it went a bit wonky, but you get the idea!

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