17: Workspace

The blogathon site challenged us to post pictures of our workspaces – I’m late for the challenge because I only just saw it, but here’s mine:My deskYes, that’s a didgeridoo in the corner with a bunch of fake sunflowers in the top.  And The Master’s laser screwdriver (the sonic screw driver is hidden behind that dagger shaped letter opener in the desk tidy).  There are two mobile phones because I’m in the middle of changing from one to the other.  Lots of bits of paper, remote controls for the telly and hi-fi, hand cream, nail varnish, and way more jewellery than I ever wear at once – I tend to sit down at the desk, take it off and leave it there.  Keyboard, monitor, landline phone, speakers are obvious.  As is the desk tidy full of pens, pen drives, a lip salve, nail clippers and sundry other stationery items.  Um… mp3 player, watch, meds, a stone with a hole through it, notepads, an inhaler, some fingerless gloves that Charlotte made me.  Oh yes, and a sheep and a tiny Dalek.  Hooray!

Listening to: Florence And The Machine – Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion Version)
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