43: The Elevenses Post

Which means that I’m not only one post behind.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything to say for this one.  How’s everyone else getting on?  I was really sorry to see that Renee had needed to get some sleep, but I completely understand why – I was beginning to worry if I might have to do the same thing because I didn’t want to risk making myself ill, pushing myself into a manic or depressed, or mixed-cycling phase through lack of sleep.  Or really, because my sleep routine was messed up.  I’m pretty sure now that I will in fact be OK, and I’m likely going straight to bed at 2pm and I dare say I’ll sleep til morning.

And wow, talking of Elevenses, I’m suddenly hungry again.   Toast, anyone?

Author: Lou

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2 thoughts on “43: The Elevenses Post”

  1. I was just expressing my concern to Russell about your health with this blogathon. I think your nap earlier will help stave off any prolems though.

    Mmmm, toast.

    1. I think so too, actually. I feel a lot better. I might not go straight to bed afterwards, actually. It’d probably be better for me to have some lunch first.

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