6: Very Excited!!

I’m trying to contain myself from jumping up and down and running around the room in excitement. (Well, alright, maybe there was a little jumping up and down)  I’ve just had an email newsletter from Concorde2 in Brighton, and Skunk Anansie (now reformed) are playing there in October!  Eeeee!!  I’m over the moon, because I was always gutted that I never got to see them before they split.  I did see Skin play there a couple of years ago, and it was fantastic.  I have got to get a ticket!

(And now I’ll go back to working on a bipolar topic post!)

Author: Lou

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9 thoughts on “6: Very Excited!!”

  1. OMG, Skunk Anansie have reformed!? This is indeed a joyous occasion (why didn’t I get a fan newsletter thing about this? Hmmm…)!!! They’ll never play here, but even so, awesome!

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