7: Merino soffffft

I’m still working on the bipolar topic post, so I though that this half hour I’d show you what I’m currently spinning.  Well, not currently, since I’m typing right now, but you know what I mean ;-)

I am, by the way, very much a beginning spinner, so my results aren’t fabulous, but the whole two skeins I’ve produced so far are nice enough, and definitely usable.  Which is the point, right?  The fibre I’m spinning now is really really lovely, so I hope I don’t make any horrible messes with it.  It’s 100% merino from Limegreenjelly in “Take Me Out”, and it’s really beautiful – see:

Charcoal, hot pink, deep jade green, and flashes of purple.  Yum!

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2 Responses to 7: Merino soffffft

  1. Charlotte says:

    ooooooh! I helped you decide on this one right? Veryvery pretty. I love those pinks/purples!

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