8: Finished skeins – no.1

Still working on the bipolar post (I should stop faffing, really), and I’ve also realised that I seem to somehow be a post behind.  So, here are a couple in quick sucession.  I haven’t posted on here yet about the yarn I’ve spun, and since now is a good a time as ever… here is My First Yarn:

This fibre (Forest Fibres Corriedale Top) came with the starter pack I got with my drop spindle, but this is spun on the spinning wheel.  I spun about 50g of the navy and 50g of the turquoise, then plied the two colours together.  Ta-daa!

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4 Responses to 8: Finished skeins – no.1

  1. Charlotte says:

    This came out really well. Any plans for how you’ll use it yet?

  2. Terre says:

    Love your blog!
    Love the fact you are doing Blogathon 2009!
    And LOVE THE YARN!!!!!

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