9: Finished skeins – no.2

And here’s my second finished skein of yarn:

As you can see from the collage picture, the original fibre was turquoise, navy, and red.  I rather like the way the colours blended, both in the spinning and plying process, to give a blue-purple final yarn (with bits of red).  The fibre is Limegreenjelly BFL … and I don’t know the name of the colour.  Anybody have any suggestions what I could call the finished yarn?

It was a lovely yarn to spin with – not as soft as the merino I’m using now, of course, but I think that was good since I was trying to spin it a little thicker, and since I’m still learning.  It came out bulky weight once plied, by the way.  The one in the last post is aran weight.  The meino should be lighter weight – perhaps DK after plying?

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4 Responses to 9: Finished skeins – no.2

  1. Charlotte says:

    Soooooo pretty! Well done! Is this the one that she didn’t name cause she just knew it was for you?

    • Lou says:

      Wheee, thank you! (I do have a plan for this one: I’m thinking a cowl or something like that) But no, this is one I bought about a year ago, and cos I bought it from her in the pub at knitting group, I don’t think she’d named it yet.

  2. Charlotte says:

    You’re welcome. A cowl would be good. Will it be for you?

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