And they’re off!

So, I’ve started my spinning for the Tour de Fleece.  As I said yesterday, I’m starting with two complementary braids from Limegreenjelly that I’m going to ply together.  I’d actually spun up half of one of them already, so I have about 50g of that one left to do, then the whole of the second.

This is how much I already had spun:

LGJ Merino-Tencel in Night Fever on the bobbinand this is the remaining fibre, before I started spinning today:

LGJ Merino-Tencel in Night Fever waiting to be spunOnwards!

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3 Responses to And they’re off!

  1. pip says:

    that’s pretty… I’d love to learn to spin!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What gorgeous colors. I am obsessing over purples right now. :) Happy ICLW!

    • Lou says:

      Thank you! They are gorgeous, and purple is my favourite colour… but I actually now can’t wait to finish this and get on to something UNpurple. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve had enough of it for now. Eeek! But I’m almost done – I must post some more up to date pictures. :-)

      Thanks for dropping by, and Happy ICLW to you too!

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