As I mentioned the other day, I’ve finished my Clapotis [Ravlink] at long long last – it’s only taken me nearly three years!  Although to be fair, for most of that it was languishing in a bag with only the first section knitted.

So here are some photos of the finished object, anyway.  I haven’t blocked it, as I like how it’s turned out as it is.  It’s too warm to wear it at the moment, but as soon as the weather cools down, it’ll be in active service!  Should make a change from wearing purple.

And talking of purple(-ish), I’ve been spinning away for the Tour de Fleece.  More pictures from that tomorrow, I expect.

Author: Lou

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4 thoughts on “Clap!”

  1. Beautiful clapotis! As a crocheter, I’m always envious of some of the knitting projects I see on Ravelry, just not jealous enough to actually apply myself to learning to knit!


    1. Oh, thank you! But I promise, it goes both ways – I see awesome crochet projects on Rav, and made by my crocheting friends and my Mum, but I just cannot get the hang of it! I’ve made one sorry and comical crochet project, which went, shall we say, interestingly!

      I’m even putting off finishing one jumper I’ve knitted partly because I’m supposed to do a crochet edging (eeeek!!). I think I’ll hand it over to Mum to do actually, because I just can’t retain the knowledge, let alone anything resembling skill!

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