Completed Regia socks

Finished Regia socks: click for larger picture! I’m only just getting around to uploading my photos, but I finished these socks… um… a couple of weeks ago now, I think. You will notice that the cat refused to get out of the frame – see below for an even better example of that. *g*
Anyhow, these were made in Regia’s ‘Mini Ringel Color’ shade #5217, which as you can see is nice and bright! I made them with 2.5mm DPNs using a basic sock pattern that I got free with some Opal yarn ages ago, although slightly modified since I made them longer (to the top of my calves) so they’d go well under my DMs. Therefore it needed to be a bit wider at the top – I actually cast on 6 extra stitches and decreased further on down, but I think in future I should just start with larger needles. The finished socks are a bit stiff feeling… not too tightly knitted, but the yarn itself. I think they’ll soften up after they’ve been washed though, as my Opal ones certainly have.
In other news, this time I’m trying posting using w.bloggar – let’s see how it goes…
Now back to the sock pics:

Finished Regia socks... and the Xandermog (click for larger version)
Xandermog shows me how beautifully he can pose for a photo…. when I don’t want him in the shot. If I did want him there? He’d have got up and wandered off, of course. But when I’m trying to take a pic of my feet, he comes and flops down under them. Feline perversity triumphs again!

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  1. Thanks – you should give the yarn a try. I had a fair bit left over as well. And he is a lovely boy – big and dopey, but he has me well under the paw ;-)

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