Well oops – I did notice a couple of days ago that all the posts seemed to have disappeared from the main page, but because I’d been having general computer slowness, I thought it was just me that the page wasn’t loading fully for. So when I came back to it today and everything was still missing, I finally started wondering why. Then I noticed that everything was stopping at the BookMooch widget in the sidebar. Aha! Had I accidently messed up the code in the template? I double checked…. and no. Eventually, I twigged: I had an email from my web host a few days ago telling me that they’d upgraded PHP on the servers. I was using the php include version of the widget. It would seem the two aren’t compatible. So I’ve now changed to the javascript version, and all is well again. Hoorah!
In other news, I’m having a crack at writing this post in ScribeFire. I think I do prefer it to the pop-up Quickpost bookmarklet, but it doesn’t incorporate the “Extended” post second window (unless there’s a way to do that? Anyone?) so I’m not sure how that might work when I want to use that. Hmmm.

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