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Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Other-Things-of-Varying-Toxicity

That time of year (ie. the end of it) has crept upon me somewhat unawares yet again.  Insert “where has the time gone?!” shock and confusion here.  However, I am sort of, kind of, mostly ready for Christmas.  I think.  … finish reading “Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Other-Things-of-Varying-Toxicity”

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20: There’s tidy

Whew, I’ve now done the very interesting washing-up (my fingers have gone a bit wrinkly! I wasn’t doing it for that long!!) and cleared up in the kitchen a bit.  I’ve got myself a drink (caffeinated, hoorah!), and we’re about … finish reading “20: There’s tidy”

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Friday 5 for April 3: More Questions about Food and Drink

Here we go, my answers for this week’s Friday 5: What is your favourite fizzy, bubbly drink? Pepsi!  Or Coca-cola as a second – I don’t like the diet versions (unfortunately!), and I’m not keen on the non-branded ones either.  … finish reading “Friday 5 for April 3: More Questions about Food and Drink”

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